Monday, September 30, 2013

9 Months (& 3 days)

Of this awesome little boy.

Of baby giggles, slobbery kisses & cuddles.

Of  sweetness, innocence, & cheeky grins. 

Of sitting up & crawling. Clapping & crying.

Of eyes bright and happy coos for his 'big sissy.

Of pure love.

So blessed to have this amazing little boy in my life!


The Life Of Faith

Friday, September 27, 2013

Freedom of 'Speech.'

Only applies if you can talk, apparently.

It shouldn't be this way.

This spirited, bright, loving child should not be left behind. She should not be cast aside. She should not be told she does not meet the right 'criteria' to be helped. Because of budget cuts or qualifications, or apathy. She is a child, not a statistic.

But she is being told that, by a public school system who is suppose to be helping her.

And I am fed up.

She looks like a normal 4 year old girl. No? She has a vivid imagination, a love of anything pink and frilly, an innocent heart. She also did not talk until she was 3, she also has a severe articulation delay, she also has a 70% un-intelligibility in her words. A jumble in her own mind not recognizing the proper letters to say. That means all those other kids her age that can understand each other, cannot understand her. That means unless someone helps her soon she will be ostracized, rejected and hurt. You can't tell me that is not going to happen.I remember how cruel children can be.

I am going to do whatever it takes to never see that happen. Screw the school system, if you can't help her I will find another way.  There is no way I am ever letting that giant sparkle in her eyes burn out.


Okay. Mommy rant over.

That feels better...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

(Homemade) Costume Mania

I am so excited about Halloween, it is getting to a ridiculous point. Any excuse to get creative has my blood pumping and October-December is pretty much euphoric crafts time for me. And Halloween? My favorite holiday! Spooky things? LOVE. Candy? YUM. Pumpkins? CUTE. Costumes? YES PLEASE!

This year my creativity is really going to be held back by my finances, so I am looking at as many really cheap (and free) work arounds as possible. There are plenty of dollar store deco ideas, but what about the costumes? They are SO expensive new.

I always wanted to make Illusia's costumes, but I was a bit afraid I would totally fail. However, I did last year and I actually, really loved the way it turned out. I made everything but her shirt and shoes. My favorite part is what you can't really see, some furry leg warmers!

I think this year I am going to be even MORE strapped for cash so I am looking at really what I can do to save the most money. example, Toryn's costume? Is basically going to be the homemade version of this:

Accomplished for half the price via fleece hoodie and pants. And a tiny bit of fabric for some ears. About 10 bucks to mimic a 24 dollar costume is not bad!

Illusia wants to be little red riding hood (she loves the idea after I told her that her brother was going to be a wolf.) In times of inspiration need, I turn to pretty much the best 'idea' site ever, in the world PIN-INTEREST

So, if she goes with little red riding hood, it is going to be super easy to pull off for little $. Has a really, really simple cloak/cape idea that I am ALL for, because really, I have little time to sew (and not a whole lot of skill, honestly :/)

Because of those aforementioned constraints, I am probably not going to be able to sew her a full on layered dress, but really it's the red cloak that makes the costume. Right?? Storybook Halloween here we come!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It's been a while since my last post. First I had some kind of adware that wouldn't let me post and now everyone (myself included) has taken turns being sick all week. I hate flu season!

Hopefully I can find something to post about soon, right now all I want to do is nap and try not to move my head.

Friday, August 30, 2013

It's the little things

Here are 5 random, little things I am loving right now.

1.) My daughter's crazy sense of humor. How can I not be happy when I spend the whole day cracking up at this little nut and her antics?


2.) A good book. Oh, how I have missed you! I finally got a new library card. Now I just have to manage to have enough time to read the books I checked out without screams interrupting me.


 3.) Chubby baby thighs. I cannot look at these without smiling.


4.) Nutella. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't really have any vexes... expect this addicting stuff. It's gotten me through many a tantrum filled awful day. You can make it into brownies, stuff it in your french toast. It's just so awesome! I'd like to give the person that made Nutella a big hug, but honestly I think my 7 dollars a jar is enough. 


 5.) Random Hearts. It could be on my daughter's shirt, a piece of newspaper folded on the ground, an ink blot, a cloud, or a pizza crust. I think random hearts are hidden messages of love from above (probably because I am crazy, but that's another conversation for another time!)

S. ♥

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8 Months of Amazing


You're so big. I can't believe how fast you have grown!!!

At 21.5 lbs you are going to outgrow your 22 lb max carseat any day. At birth you were just under 7 lbs. I am so proud of myself that you grew so big and healthy on mommy's milk. I knew we could do it!

So far you've been really early with all your motor skills and mommy was so unprepared! But I am so proud. I can see the wheels turning in your head. You are so smart, utterly hilarious and such a cuddly little daredevil. You amaze me!

And you're always so happy just to be with mommy!!!

Almost always...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little Lady in Pink

 Is it any surprise she picked out this outfit herself? When we went preschool clothes shopping she wanted pink everything, I basically had to use bribery to get her to get a couple blue and purple shirts.

I love hearing about her day. So far she has learned that boys are mean and push you down, that not EVERY CHILD has a little brother named Toryn and that she likes to draw pictures of her family (aww.) 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quiet Reflections

My little girl is at school.

The house has never been this quiet

I never thought with all the time I spent hushing her that I was miss her constant, loud, girly chatter.

 But I do.

 At least I still have my handsome little dude to cuddle with.

I wonder what she is doing RIGHT now?

I can't wait to hear her stories when she come home.